About Us

At AgricolAfrique we pride ourselves in developing competence in modern agriculture with activities spanning livestock farming (layer poultry farming and broiler parent stock farming); grain/oilseeds/pulses/produce bulking (rice, millet, maize, cotton & sunflower); and grain processing into animal feeds.
We commenced activities in East Africa in 2012 with poultry layer farming (10,000 birds capacity) and marketing and installation of poultry layer cages. Within two years we became a regional producer and supplier of table eggs and poultry equipment with key clients from Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. In 2014 we expanded our operations into feed milling business producing and supplying compound feed and ingredients to farmers and other animal feed companies in Uganda. In 2015 we put into use our 5,000 tonnes capacity bulking warehouses at our farm location in Uganda for grains – maize, rice, millet, cotton and sunflower.
In our quest to continue to harness and deliver value in the agribusiness space within Africa we commenced our poultry breeding operations in Nigeria in 2016 with initial focus on broiler parent stock breeding. Our short to medium term objective is to make healthy and well bred broiler day old chicks available to the Nigerian market. Our parent stock are off springs of Aviagen’s Arbor Acres high performance Grand Parent stock which are reared under strict bio-security with best technical support available.



Utilizing modern agricultural technology to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by delivering sustainable, affordable and quality products


To be the agricultural firm known for sustainability, affordability and quality products and services globally.


Creativity ,Honesty And Dependable, Quality Commitment, Constant Improvement