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How to increase your poultry’s productivity.

The aim of every egg-producing poultry farmer is to produce quality eggs.

For as long as possible in a laying cycle while maintaining the birds in good health.

To achieve a high level of productivity you need to put a lot of factors into consideration

These factors include;

1) BIOSECURITY: Visitors to the farm are inevitable. They could come in form of raw material suppliers, Sales representatives, customers, consultants, Interns, etc. The physical component of biosecurity involves having a perimeter for the farm to limit and control access to the birds.

2) FEED AND NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Few farmers know the important differences between Pre-layer, Layer 1, and Layer 2 feed preparations. Pullets about to come into lay, layers yet to hit peak production, and birds at 60 weeks of age and above have different nutritional requirements. A laying bird will first utilize nutrients from the feed for its own metabolic maintenance.

3) AMBIENT HOUSING CONDITIONS: Temperature, the orientation of the pen house, length of daily exposure to light, and hygienic conditions in the pen-house are very important. Your water tanks should be kept away from the sun always use light reflective colors. This will help keep the water cool always even during hot weather. Anti-pyretic/stress medications are also very useful in this regard. Five Cam Cum is highly effective in soothing all forms of stress in poultry.

4) PROPER USE OF VACCINES AND MEDICATIONS: Vaccination against endemic diseases like Marek’s, Newcastle, IBD, IB, etc are very essential. Vaccine boosters during the laying period are also important to keep the antibody serum levels high enough. The intervals should be as decided by your Veterinarian as different farms can have peculiar needs. Always delouse and deworm your poultry animals regularly.


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